Letters from Henry Platt Hall

Born: 09-Apr-1863, father: William Hall, mother: Louisa Platt Family Tree

  Letter from H P Hall to Papa 2-Apr
Lord Street
2nd April
My dear Papa,
I have been in
and out most of the day
and do not feel tired. Mama
has bought such a pretty
doll for Edward's little girl,

it is a nurse with a baby
in her arms and she has
such a funny cap on.
With love to Joey, Alfie
and yourself, I am
Your loving son,
Henry Hall


  Letter from H P Hall to Papa 20-Jul-Early
20 July
My dear Papa,
I hope you
are better. We went
to the Swallow
waterfalls. Cousin
Sarah has given
us a writing desk,
book and trumpet.
Please look at the
We went from
Conway to Fria
few in the steamer
and enjoyed it

very much.
With love
Your loving
Henry Hall


  Letter from H P Hall to Papa 7 Oct-1870-Early
7 of October 1870
My Dear Papa,
I hope you are
well, we have found
a hedgehog and
have found some
starfish and have

caterpillars and have
shot such away
up in air and
in the sea. We have
not had donkeys. It
is such fun. We have
not sailed my ship.
The pier was nearly

covered, the tide was
so high. We have found a
few shells but we
have not seen many
crabs. I have seen Mrs
Binless's little girl.
I remain your
affectionate son,
Henry Platt Hall


  Letter from Henry P Hall to Papa 21-May-1877
Welch Row
21st May 1877
Dear Papa,
I received your letter
this morning, and was very sorry to
hear about the broken windows.
I am glad to say that I had nothing
to do with it. When I arrived at
Crewe yesterday I found the train I should
have gone by did not stop at Nantwich
so I had to wait about an hour & a half
for the next. Mrs Cawley & Rosa went
to Hankelow yesterday morning & came
back soon after I arrived. There

bringing with them an invitation for
Rosa & I to go to Hankelow next Friday.
Tell Mamma that Mrs Cawley will
write tomorrow and sends her love
to her.
With love,
I am
your affectionate son
Henry Platt Hall


  Letter from Henry P Hall to Mama, Charing Cross Hotel 26-May-1877
Welch Row
26 May 1877

Dear Mamma,
Rosa & I went
to Hankelow on Thursdau and
enjoyed ourselves very much.
We went by train in the morning
and Mr and Mrs Cawley drove
over in the carriage and brought
us home in the evening.
There was a gala here last
Wednesday and we went and

I had six bowls at some cocoa nuts
and won three, one of which was bad.
I am coming home on Monday by
the 12.25 train arriving at London
Road at 1.40
With love
I am
your affectionate son
Henry P Hall


  Letter from H P Hall to Papa at Hotel in Paris 1-Jun-1878
Aldred Place
1st June 1878
My dear Papa,
I received your letter this
afternoon and was very glad to hear
you were very well and comfortable
at your new hotel.
Joey and I went to the Manchester
Reference Library this morning and
copied several coins, we went to the
Peel Park library tonight and Joey
copied the Duincusis with a bull on
the obverse, it was formerly in the
Pembroke collection and was recently
sold by auction for 22-10-0. It is an
oblong in shape measuring 6 1/2 inches long
by 3 3/8 wide, it weighs 4 lbs 9ozs.

I copied out a description of the Queen
Anne farthings.
The price you were asked for the Greek
Drachmas the other day was exceedingly
cheap. I wrote to Jo Verity at Eallseaton
the other day for some on approval
which he sent me; they varied from
1/6 to 3/6, those at 1/6 were very small
and in poor condition. I saw Batty
on Thursday and asked him about
Greek silver coins, he said that they
were very scarce and had greatly
increased in value lately.
Aunt Mily has received a letter from
Aunt Polly tonight, she has not
been able to get rooms at Cousin
Lucy's Lodgings but has taken rooms
for both of us at the last house in the
promenade near the Convalescent
I went home yesterday afternoon and
saw Baby. She is very well and was
pleased to see me.

Arthur Roby is much better.
The dark brown rabbit had its turn
out yesterday and Joey's cat out of
its cage to it and paid very dearly
for it, for mine got hold of it by the
throat and almost worried it.
Jennings saw it and with the greatest
difficulty separated them, but not before
it had lost a good deal of hair &c.
Uncle Crosby has gone to Buxton for
the weekend today.
Aunt Yilny sent Alfie his letter today.
He is a good deal better.
With love &c
I am
Your affectionate son,
Henry Platt Hall


  Letter from Henry P Hall to Papa 20-May-1879
17 The Crescent
My dear Papa,
As I have not much
work tonight, I have taken the
opportunity of writing to you.
Joey has not been well today
and has not been at school.
He seems better tonight.
Alfie has entered the 100
yards race under 12 at the
athletic sports which will
come off soon after the

holidays. He did not know
whether he might enter or not
so he wrote to you and as he
could not get an answer in
time, for they were coming round
the next afternoon, so he asked
me if I thought you would
let him join, and I thought you
would so he has entered and I
should think he stands a fair
chance of winning.
Roby is in the sports committee
and has to attend its meetings
nearly every day.
It was proposed the other day
that the races should be started
by a pistol this year instead of
the usual way of dropping a
handkerchief, and it is rather
a difficult problem
to answer whether Hill will
fire it or not as he is the starter
and has been for several times
and there is nobody else to do it.
(I should have said he is a very
particular person).
So altogether we are rather
anxious to hear what will
be the result.
The examination in Inorganic
Chemistry was held at the
school last Friday night 100 being

the largest number of marks
possible to obtain. I got about
85 and as 66 is the number
of marks required for a first
class, I have got one certain
which is more than I expected.
I have still two more for
Organic and Practical Organic
Chemistry coming off on Friday
and Saturday nights respectively.
Joey had a slight dose of the stick
from Darval yesterday.
I hope Mamma is much better
and will come home quite well.
I am
your affectionate son
H P Hall


  Letter from H P Hall to Mama 22-5-1879
17 The Crescent

My dear Mamma,
I was very sorry
to hear that Papa has been
troubled with tooth ache,
but hope he will be better.
I have been at home with it
this afternoon, it came on at
dinner in the one Papa drilled
a hole in and was so bad that
I went to Rodgers who took out
the cotton wool and made it

all right. I should have gone
back to school then but he had
kept me so long, rather over
an hour that it was
altogether too late to go, as I
could not have got admitted,
so I came home.
We have had a very heavy
shower of rain this evening
and I've expected thunder
as it was so close, but as
yet we have had none.
We break up tomorrow at
half past twelve in the
morning, and I have an

examination at night and on
Saturday night.
All is going on well at home,
and we shall be very glad to
see you on Saturday.
I am
Your affectionate son,
H P Hall


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