Letters from James Greaves

Born: 22-Oct-1788, married Mary Hilson on 23-Apr-1792, died: 27-Dec-1867, father: John Greaves, mother: Ann Lees Family Tree

  Letter from James Greaves To Mrs Hannah Hall Re Death Drowning of his son Joseph in duck pond 17-Sep-1834
Dirtcar August 17th 1834
Dear Hannah,
I am extremely sorry to
inform you that our dear little Joseph
got out at the yard door between
three to four o'clock yesterday and went
up towards Edwards Hague's and as we
think got through a hole in the gate
and fell into a duck pond and
was drowned. There was two or three out
seeking him when to our great surprise
about 4 o'clock Edward Hague's wife was cleaning the steps
of her French door when she saw his head
floating on top of the water.
We are very much depressed about it

particularly as it has happened while his mother
was from home. I cannot inform you
when the funeral will take place.
You will hear from us again.
I am dear sister yours
James Greaves


  Letter from James Greaves to Aunt Mrs John Hall 18-Oct-1844
Dirkar Mill
Friday evening 18th
My dear Aunt,
You will excuse our leaving
neglect & unconscious for Grandmother's _
when I inform you that I promise to come
over to see her & bring with me the condolence
of her affectionate children & grandchildren. _
from my father requesting that you
would send over for anything she may need.
I was at Manchester yesterday but was detained
until I should not have had time to go & come
back in time for the last train. I told cousin Haigh's
_ write but I have not time between
& the post to ask for particulars think they
are all well alright also our own _
We hope that nothing serious in grandmother's
illness that she will soon be well & that you

will punish & put us to the blush by sparing
your daily bulletins in return for our neglect.
Hope the rest of our friends & relations at
Irwell Mills are as well as can be expected.
You will please to present my regards to them
particularly to Master William, Mrs E Haigh,
Miss Sarah Abigail Evans & what there is to
spare you may divide between yourself &
my dear Granny.
I am &c
Everything that's good
James Greaves


  Letter from James Greaves to Cousin John Hall Irwell Mills 4-Jan-1845
Dirkar mill
January 4th 1845
My dear Cousin,
Mr Bowman tells me that you
called at the anchorhouse on Thursday to see after
my promised letter. I had given him a message to
deliver to you on Tuesday which he would have done
punctually if he had time. However he says that
he gave you the substance of it. I had begun to
write a letter the same day as that you received
one from grand mother but she said that what
she had said in it was enough & would not let me
write. You would be surprised to know that Mary
& Daniel stayed until Wednesday to have their
child (John Stalkin Haigh) christened. Old Mr Hague,
father & mother were the sponsors. After the
christening we all had an invitation to
Mr Stalkin's to an excellent dinner, tea & supper.
Mary returned to Shaw on Thursday morning last.
But I am in a hurry. I have not
to spare between therefore

my letter must be as short as possible.
We shall expect you (Miss Hall & you) as grandmother
said as soon as you can make it.
You must fix your own time.
I send word. I can say nothing more
at present. Mark is gone off. I must
send this after him to Oldham.
I am
my dear cousin
James Greaves
We are all well.
Excuse this scrawl.


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