Letters from John Greaves

Born: 1762, died: 07-Sep-1827 Family Tree

  Letter from J Greaves to Aunt Mrs John Hall 13-Sep-1843
My dear Aunt,
Milton will be of age
on the 22nd and I should
like cousin William to come
with _ I and Mr & Mrs Hall.
I am sorry I cannot invite
_ Jane to stay a few days
at all events she can have
half back for one night
but I hope she will come to
Milton's party.
John will excuse this arragement

when I say I am going
to be married on the
Monday following to
your Mr Schofield.
We are doing it very
On Sunday to go from home
as his house is pleasantly
situated in the country
and fall two miles from
Oldham, but I shall
not describe as I shall
expect to see you and
made the very first _
after we her father.
I am exceedingly _
but if you can come over do
meantime with my kind
love, believe your ever
affectionate niece
Mary Greaves
Kind regards

My dear Aunt,
My father and mother desire me to say
they request the pleasure of your company
to dinner at two o'clock on Monday.
They are only inviting the nearest
relatives therefore I hope you will not
disappoint us but do come if you

come only stay for one hour. I shall
not leave until after dinner, Yours truly
M Greaves
Excuse this bit of paper as it is the
only bit I have left - do come
We cannot excuse you.


  Letter from J Greaves to Aunt Mrs John Hal 25-Jan-1844
Dirker House
Jan 25th 1844

My dear Aunt,
My Aunt Sarah Hague
wishes me to write to inform
you of the death of Mary Ann.
She died this afternoon
about three o'clock. I was
there when she died. She
never sobbed once but seemd exceedingly
composed. She _ seal for
Mr Nesee, he arrived just in
time to pray for her before
she departed, indeed she
began to die whilst he was
praying, she repeated the
Lord's prayer with him and
then fixed her eyes, and
expired; from her expression
before she died easy
to hope & to believe she is happy.
She began to be worse on
Friday with the bowel complaint
and had not been out of bed since.
She said she was afraid of lacking
time coming again. She
thought she could scarce stand
it, but she seemed very willing
to die. My sister Mary & Daniel
were there also when she died.
The family are still as well
as can be expected, but I
think they should not grieve
as it is a great blessing she is
relieved. With best love from
all at Oldham.
Believe me to remain
yours dearly
J Greaves

(I will write again soon)


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