Letters from John Hall

Born: 05-Apr-1803, married Hannah Greaves on 28-Jun-1824, died: 05-Jan-1861, father: William Hall Golcar, mother: Jane Stevenson Family Tree

  Letter from John Hall Golcar to William Hall 17-Dec-1819
Golcar Hill Dec 17th 1809
Mr William Hall
Dear Sir,
We received the account of Mrs Hall's most
dreadful and distressing accident on Thursday morning
(and not before) by James Ramsden of Wellhouse at the
meeting of the Mill Co when your sister Betty and Mary
from Stainland happened to be here, and which gave to all
very great concern and since that time Sarah Hall has
been expecting a line from you daily saying as to your
wife's recovery, and Woodhouse having proposed to come
to Manchester but has been prevented by


  Letter from John Hall, Redivals, Bury to Hannah Greaves, Saddleworth 3-Jan-1824
Redivals nr Bury Jan 3rd 1824
Dear Hannah,
Ever since I have had the
opportunity of knowing you, I have been in love with
you, and I have no doubt you must have perceived
my passion was sincere. Indeed, Hannah, I am
continually thinking about you, and I find it impossible to
express how dearly I love you. I have often designed to
do so, but was always afraid to open my mind when an
opportunity presented itself. However, I have now done
so, and I hope you will not be cruel to me, as I am
sure I could never live to see you in the arms of another.
You are intimately acquainted with my circumstances and
disposition. To this I can only add that my happiness
or misery through life depends altogether on the reply
you make to this offer. I shall employ no compliments,
neither shall I insult your good sense by idle promises;
but should you accept me as your protector through
life, all my anxiety will be to promote your
happiness, and at the same time to retain possession of your
heart for which I shall be amply prepared in seeing that
you are gratified with my conduct. On the contrary, should
you reject my offer, I shall never again enjoy true peace of
mind; yet I trust, even in this case, that you will be
happy with the man whom you may bless with your hand,
and that you will honour with your friendship: Oh!
that you may resolve to grant me that happiness for life.
Expecting your answer, I am, dear Hannah,
Your truly affectionate lover,
John Hall


  Letter from John Hall, Redivals, Bury to Hannah Greaves, Austerlands, Saddleworth 8-Mar-1824
Redivals March 8th 1824
Dear Hannah,
In consequence of writing to
you is that you would be surprised at me not
calling at your house when I returned from
Dobcross as it was my intention to do so but
father was afraid of being in the dark as it was
nearly five oclock when we left Dobcross but
I learn that my father will be your way this
week. Dear Hannah I return you my most
grateful thanks for your tender avowal of mutual
love: with life only shall its remembrance cease,
but actions not words must testify my gratitude.
The love I possess for you is grounded on the
sure basis of admiration for your worth, consequently
it will survive your beauty blooming with equal
vigour in age as it does in youth. I have now

my Dear Hannah to solicit your permission to
wait upon you when I trust I shall be enabled
to enter into every necessary explanation and to
make such arrangements as may prove agreeable.
Expecting to hear from you by return of post.
I am my beloved Hannah,
Your faithful and affectionate lover
John Hall


  Letter from John Hall, Redivals to Hannah Greaves, Greenacres Moor 7-Apr-1824
Redivals April 7th 1824

My Dear Hannah,
Yours of the 5th instant
duly came to hand and my warmest acknowledgments
are due in when for your kind letter
I am but too happy that is remains in my
power to give you perfect satisfaction.
Indeed Hannah, I hope there is no obstacle
remains to prevent our union. Believe me
my beloved maid, that my happiness is now
so exquisite that it would be in vain to attempt
its expression by words. No, my heart is too
full to be enslaved by the shackles they
would impose. It must therefore remain with
me to prove my conduct through life,
the sense which I entertain of it, dear Hannah.

I have not let my parents know anything
about the subject but in a short time, I
will inform them of it by some way or other,
and on Sunday the 11th instant you may
expect me over at Mr Hoults Swan Inn
from 11 to 12 oclock and may you never my
beloved regret the confidence you thus repose in
me, nor repent the hour which allowed your
affectionate lover to avow himself the most
happy of his sex in being your husband.
I am my beloved
Yours, every yours,
John Hall


  Letter from John Hall, Redivals to Hannah Greaves, Greenacres Moor 17-May-1824
Redivals May 17th 1824

My Dear Hannah,
Your charming letter
has removed a weighty load from my
heart and I may now calculate upon
the speedy enjoyment of every possible
happiness. Be assured I am truly sensible
of my great obligation to you, and that I
shall never forget them, but endeavour by
every method in my power to repay some
part of them.
After your affectionate invitation, you must
not expect that i shall delay my promise
you may therefore expect me on Sunday 23rd
instant, when I shall have the happiness
of passing a few hours with you, but hope
to pass months and years with you instead
of hours before long, and we will my dear arrange
things for our mutual happiness when
I come over. I am dear Hannah
Yours, every yours,
John Hall


  Letter from John Hall Mary Ann Hall, Redivals to Hannah Greaves, Greenacres Moor 22-Jun-1824
Redivals June 22nd 1824

Ever Dear Hannah,
Everything therefore determined,
I shall come over on Sunday next and on Monday shall
seal our eternal union, yes my angel then will our mutual
happiness be decided. My mother has informed my father
about it, and she said that he had no objections of
you coming to his house, and said it would be the best
not to have many only what was sufficient, and I think
you may invite your brothers, Robert, James, Mrs James
and Miss Haigh if you think proper as I think it is
useless having so many as we can invite all our friends
in a short time after, and you must give my best
respects to sister Haigh and to excuse us not inviting
her as we could not think of doing so without inviting all,
but I will leave it to you, and I think the best way
for you to come to Prestwich is the way we thought of and
me and my sisters to meet you there but however I shall
come over according to promise then we can arrange things

as we think proper, we shall be very busy this week
or I would have come over before Sunday, you must be
sure to write by return of post and inform me which
way you think is best. My sister Mary will write a
few lines to you on the other side.
I am dear Hannah,
Yours, ever yours,
John Hall

My dear intended sister,
I wish to know whether you intend
being dressed in white or coloured. I can dress for either;
My brother and sister with myself intend meeting
you at Prestwich Church on Monday the 28th instant.
If Miss Haigh be not at home, I shall be glad
to have the honour of being your maid.
Mother, sister, and John wish ever
love to you and believe me yours
affectionately, Mary Ann Hall


  Letter from John Hall, Irwell Mills to Richard Evans Ludlow 24-Jul-1832
Irwell Mills July 24th 1832
Mr Richard Evans,
Dear Sir,
You will be
rather surprised to hear that we have
removed to Irwell Mills to the house
adjoining father's. When you come
to Manchester soon and convenience
will not be wanting we had let
the shop and father proposed it.
I think we shall be very comfortable.
The house is large and we are to
ourselved. We left Withy Grove this
day week. I assure you it was a very
agreeable exit. Should be glad to receive
a few lines from you. Our family are
quite well and join in kind remembrance
to you and all friends.
I am sir,
Yours most respectfully,
J Hall


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