Letters from John Lister Hightown

  Letter from John Lister Hightown to Hannah Greaves Nov-30th
Site House Hightown Nov 30th
My Dear Hannah,
I feel myself deeply possessed
of love towards you, and I hope & trust that
providence has or will breed something of
the sort in you, for I must confess that
providence has begun my love towards you
for there is neither night nor day escaped
without my meditation on your charming
countenance since the first time
of my being in your company and
most particularly since our going together
to White Chapel to hear Mr Wanter for the
text he had was Choose this Day whom
you will serve and I applied it in a temporal
sort of way and fixed my love more firmly
on you and I hope it will remain till
my life's end.
My Dear Hannah I should like you to give me
a few lines to say how you are in health
and whether you will accept of me for your love
or not, if you do not write I shall consider you
do accept of me, and I shall be coming over
some time this Christmas.
I am if accepted
Your true lover
John Lister


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