Letters from Rich Davies Greenacre Moor

  Letter from Rich Davies Greenacre Moor to Joseph Platt Hotel Isle Of Wight 22-Feb-1845
Greenacres Moor
22nd February 1845
My Dear Sir,
I should have written to
you long ago, but was fearful that any
communication, such as I should send,
might produce an excitement, which in
your weak state, would prove inconvenient.
My gratification in receiving your note
is so great, that I shall fail to express it
& remember your susceptibility of excitement,
and fear to raise it, but it should be
prudent to your recovery. Yet I should
like to convey to you of
my joy. You ask, will I propose you a
member of my church?' Yes sir, and with
the delight which can be felt by none, but a
Christian Minister, many of whose prayers are
in this case.

I shall hardly require, your long
afflictions have afforded you ample time
for consideration, and I feel satisfied that
this is no lack of resolve. You know the self
denying course, which gives dignity to a
Christian profession, and your uniform
determination to do well, whatever you undertake,
assures me that you will be a christian in earnest.
You say, it is perhaps applying at the 'eleventh
hour' - it may be so - but if it is - we will
pray that the time may go back upon the
dial, and that your eleventh hour, may be
prolonged to a distant day.
I want to say more, but I fear you
will not be able to bear it. Accept my hearty
congratulations upon your hoped for prospect
of heaven, daily has it been prayed for
and still it shall be implored.
My kindest regards to your devoted
mother, and excellent sister. God bless you
and grant you the largest desire of your
heart, is the constant fervent prayer of
my dear sir,
Your humble faithful pastor,
Richard M Davies


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