Robert Greaves

Born: 1794, died: 21-Dec-1833, father: John Greaves, mother: Ann Lees Family Tree

  Robert Greaves Will died 21-Dec-1833 aged 39
I Robert Greaves
Bachelor of Greenacres Moor in the Township of
Holham and County of Lancashire being of sound
mind and considering the uncertainty of life
do make and publish this as my last Will and
Testament in manner and form following,
that is to say, after my just debts and funeral
expenses are paid, I leave unto my dear sister
Sarah Haigh wife of Lawrence Haigh of
Greenacres Moor in the township of Oldham and county
of Lancashire during her natural life two thirds
of the interest of the property which came to my
share on the direction of my deceased father
John Greaves of New Fields in Saddleworth,
county of Yorkshire, situated in Poplar London
Middlesex consisting of two shops and a dwelling
house which are leasehold property also two
thirds of the Interest arising as my share from
the Freehold Estate called Greenacre Cote in the township
of Saddleworth and county of Yorkshire -
Furthermore the Interest arising from the other

third part of the prpoerty before mentioned
to my dear sister Hannah Hall wife of John Hall
Salford during her natural life, and in case that
which either the death of my sister Sarah Haigh or
Hannah Hall departs this life it is my will and
wish that her respective share be equally divided
between my nephew Hilton Greaves son of
James Greaves in the township of Oldham
Robert Greaves son of Joseph Greaves deceased of
Materhead Mill and township of Saddleworth
William Haigh son of Lawrence Haigh Greenacres
Moor in the township of Oldham, William Hall
son of John Hall Salford and James Lees son of John
Lees and my dear sister Mary Lees of Boltonthe Moor
in the township of Oldham aforesaid their heirs, executors
of officers. I also appoint my brother James Greaves
of Dither and James Gartside of Matersheadings
both in the township of Oldham abd my execcutors
to see the property shared and divided in the
manner before mentioned, ad hereby revoke
the former Will or Wills by me made and declared
be my last Will and Testament. In witness
of the said Robert Greaves have set my
hand and seal this second day of December in
ther year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and thirty three.
In the presence of
James Taylor
Joseph Hague

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Robert Greaves