Letters from Sarah Anne Platt

Born: 21-Nov-1825, married Thomas Ogden, died: 19-Sep-1851, father: Henry Platt, mother: Sarah Whitehead Family Tree

  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to Brother James Platt
West Hill Cottage

My dear James,
We received your comforting
letter this morning. I did not think
Joe would have been spared to see
another of your letters, but I am thankful
he has last night, he was rather
worse again and for a time given
signs spitting of blood came on and
he was almost choked. I was sad
indeed to see him gasp for breath.

Mr Dosnell stayed all night and
we were obliged to him for Dr Nighton
as well all thought he was going,
This morning it came on again
and it is doubtful whether he would
rally or not, he is quite composed,
sleeping whilst he was better he expressed
a great desire to come home but
I fear it is quite impossible, he
is so ill that he may go
any minute. John we are building
of seeing this afternoon which I do
hope we may not be disappointed
for it will be quite as much as Joe
can stand another attack after
they use, he is quite faint

with gasping for breath
. . . . ..
I remain
your affectionate sister
Sarah Anne Platt


  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to Little Sister
St Bonniface Hotel
Isle of Wight
February 28th

My dear little sister,
We have long been
expecting to hear from you,
but I think you have forgotten
us altogether, James
often writes always
tells us when he has seen
you, but you have never sent
a single message to any of
us, perhaps Mrs Green will

be kind enough to let you write
as soon as possible, so that
you can tell us all the news
you have got; we heard of
you going to take tea with
Mrs Radcliffe, when you see
her again, tell her I should
like to know where she lodges
when she was on the Isle of
Wight, give
my kind love to her. I suppose
before this you have found
out Mr James Willoughby &
remember me to her and tell her
I was sorry we could not
call upon her before we left.

Joe I am glad to say keeps a
little better. I expect we shall
be at home in six or eight weeks,
that will be before you, but
we shall call to see you as
soon as possible. So we are
very anxious to see how much
you are improved. I expect
you will be quite clever,
but I must so end. Accept
of our kind love, I remain
my dear little sister
your affectionate sister
Sarah Anne Platt


  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to Parents Henry Platt

Dear Parents,
I am glad to hear that
you are both well and I
hope if my mother's entreaties
will not entice you to eat
that walking on the sea shore
will. We are all very well and
Joe looks remarkable. Mr & Mrs
Jeaves went on Saturday and
a famous _ up Mr Harris
came in the morning
about half past 11 and worked
himself a mutton chop, and
what with blowing the fire

it was quite laughable. Joe
went this morning to Oldham
and is preparing for Malta.
Mary Alice does not like the
thought of being left. The children
are in high spirits about going
on Friday, the time is up but
I suppose we shall stop a few
days longer. On Sunday it will
be the flower show and Sunday
Bowdon Wakes. Yesterday there
came a great many people
but were disappointed for they
were a week before the time.
Caroline and the children
went to take leave of the
Old Kassman who is much better.

I am endeavouring to _ the
children out as neatly and little
expense as possible. Louisa is very
good and indeed both of them
give very little trouble for
they are so delighted with going to
Oldham and being smart. I have
packed some few things for
Mary Alice and a great many
of our winter things. I am sorry
to tell you that Mr Jessop is leaving
either the first or second week
in October. Time will permit
no longer as it is washing day.
With best love to you both.
I am
my dear parents
your affectionate daughter
S A Platt


  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to sister Louisa at Southport - Crossed Writing
My dear sister,
I fully intended to
have written to you
long are that and are
quite ashamed of
myself for not doing so
but I have been so much
engaged that you really

must excuse me. I have
heard that it is very warm
in Southport if it is just the


  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to Brother James Platt Barcelona 12-Jun-1847
Hartford New Iron Works
Railway Station Oldham
Saturday evening
June 12th 1847

My dear James,
I received your letter on Thursday morning
and was much surprised at your not having
got two of my last letters and Eliza heard today
the same. They were addressed
according to your directions, perhaps you will get them
all together. We have not very much news in Oldham
at present with the exception of many complaints about
bad trade. His son has failed his _.
I believe __

I must know whether
you can hear anything about England or not but I
will begin with sad news first and end perhaps better.
Last Saturday evening the mail train from London

came in contact with a heavy luggage train and
seven gentlemen were killed all owing to the
carelessness of one of the guards who turned the train
in a sliding direction so that it went with full force
into waggons on the main line that

Your very affectionate sister,
Sarah Anne Platt


  Letter from Sarah Platt to Miss Platt Clapham 26-Mar-1850
My dear Louisa,
You must excuse
me being so long in
not writing for your kind
note to me on my
birthday but I am
so much engaged
that all my friends
are _ that
I do not go more
it is hard to please

every body but I wish
to write you
as often as possible.
John is much better
_ ...
I shall fully
expect to have the
pleasure of her
company in February at the
_ with _
to you
Yours affectionately
Sarah Ann Platt


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