Letters from Sarah Greaves

, father: John Greaves, mother: Ann Lees

  Letter from Sarah Haigh to sister Mrs John Hall 4-May-1840
Hill May 4th 1840
My dear sister,
We received yours and hope you
will be better when you write again.
Mother is rather better and I keep improving
in my health. Mary Ann was taken with
a relapse and being sick on Saturday last it
continued until Monday of course they send
us word and I went on Monday night and
brought her home on Tuesday morning.
She is rather better but very weak.
My mother has shown the writings to brother
he says you must lay down your case
that you have not yet had any thing
off the property and that you have
had poorly health for 2 years and that
John has nothing but a weekly wage from
his father and it is out of your to pay
anything at present. He wishes you to
write a letter, mother asked him where the
writings were, they are at brother John's
name is at the bottom but not yours.
Joh does not get much better, he is
very low. Please do write to us again
before long with best love to you and
family, respects to Mrs & Miss Hall and Mrs
I remain yours affectionately
Sarah Haigh


  Letter from Sarah Haigh to sister Mrs John Hall 24-Apr-1842
Hill 24th April 1842
My dear Sister,
I will endeavour to answer your letter
I should have wrote sooner but thought we
would see Sarah Ann Greaves respecting
your bonnet. We saw her yesterday, she
said she would do it this next week
if nothing happened if we can send it
to the warehouse on Saturday next, we
will if it does not rain on that day;
we will drop you a line before to
say when we shall send it. We are glad
to hear you keep fairly well and likewise
to hear of William's welfare and I sincerely
hope he may enjoy good health. I do not
see any improvement in Mary Ann, she
does not grow much larger but I think
she weakens. She suffers much through the
palpitation of the heart and shortness
of breathing but the Doctor does not give
her up. He still says young people will
stand a good deal. The Lord only knows
and his will be done. She is still resigned
to his will which is a great
comfort to me.
Cousin Margaret Evans has been to see
her 'til last week. Mrs Dewar has been
poorly and complains of the liver but is
better. Mother has been very poorly for
this last fortnight but she is a little
better today. It is a pain in her back.
She has had it very bad. Mary Greaves
has had an inflammation in the eyes
but she has been to the church today.
The rest are tolerable. Hannah is
better of the whooping cough - she goes
to school again. I have no particular news.
If we have any particular change I will
write to you. Shall be glad to hear from
you at any time. Mother joins with
me in best love to you, John &
William, with best respects to Mrs Hall
and family.
I remain your sister,
Sarah Haigh
NB Brother and sister Greaves took a ride
the other day in the Gig Yorkshire Way
and called upon Mr & Mrs Woodhouse.
They were quite well. S.H.

Hill June 1st 1844
My dear Sister,
I suppose you have had a letter from Sarah
Greaves or I should have wrote sooner and she
would inform you that brother and sister Greaves
were gone to Woodside along with Mr & Mrs
Hibbert. The last account they were pretty well
since you were here I have been carried
on much in the same way. I hope I am
a little on the improve and that it may please
the Lord I may continue to gain strength
and improve in the respects which I am
doing a little every day. I do not think
myself quite so well as yesterday. I lay down
nearly as much as when you were here.
I will write you before I go to Southport.
I hope I shall be able in the course of a
fortnight if it be Lord's will. Mother
is about as usual. Mrs Cooper is
as usual. The _ are pretty well. you left
a net cap and a flannel one. We will
send them the first opportunity. With best
love to yourself, John & William and respect
to Mrs Hall & family
I remain your sister
Sarah Haigh


  Letter from Sarah Haigh to sister Mrs John Hall 12-Jun-1844
Southport Wednesday Evening
June 12 1844
My dear sister,
We received your letter before I left
home. Mother thought I had better write
when I got to Stockport. I left home on
Monday afternoon and slept at the boar
House but did not much like my
lodgings and arrived here quite safe
last night and love the journey better
than I expected. We had pleasant
company on the boat which made it
better. I do not feel so well today
but I am keeping myself. I am low
and weak but I hope to get strength
with the blessing of the Lord. The doctor
orders are to stay as long as I can and
to bathe every other day after I have
been a few days and to be well rested.
I do not know what I feel if my
share but you shall hear when.
I have given _ a trial. I have
_ with me and she is very good.
She has had a ride to London to see
the King and Queen.

The cause is called well and my bowels
are nearly their own, my cough
rather troubles me with being exposed
to the vilery but hope it will be better.
The cloth taras right. I am with Mr Codleigh
and have comfortable there are very few
visitors in at present. Brother & sister
Greaves we got home before I left.
I left mother and all the respects
well. I hope you are well and the
rest at Irwell Mills, with love to John
William & yourself,
I remain your affectionate
Sarah Haigh

P.S. Please write and direct
Mrs Collett
Grove street


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