Letters from W Sidebotham Ashley Cottage

  Letter from W Sidebotham Ashley Cottage to Mr Platt 27-June-1844
Ashley Cottage, 27 June 1844
Dear Sir,
I received you letter on the 25th instant
last night on my way home. In answer
beg leave to say that I am holding for 1/
per stone about a fortnight. I sent my man
to buy me a stack offering 9 but could not
get it under 10, and in every town 20 miles
from and _ . Hay is selling at 12 or 13
but I believe if you will send your
man into the Manchstr market you may
yet buy at 8 or 9 per stone. It is as yet the
cheapest market in England. I saw
Captain Clarke yesterday, he told me he had
just received a letter from his brother in law at
Whitchurch Shropshire and in that part most
of them had eaten their meadows and some
had actually turned their cattle into the corn.
I have eaten 3 meadows and my next neighbour
6 - so trying the market if you cannot do
will be writing again, can send you the hay
to miller platting on Tuesday. Sister joins me
in kind regards to Mrs Platt and family and
believe me yours truly,
W Sidebotham


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